The ban on gay & bi men donating their eyes is leaving thousands blind

by— While the LGBTQ community is well aware of the FDA’s ban on blood donation by any man who has had sex with another man in past three months, few people [—Gay state senator in New Mexico flees home after threatening phone calls. Jacob Candelaria, an openly-gay, New Mexico state senator living in Albuquerque, has fled the city, along with his husband, after receiving hate-filled voice messages threatening to get him out, “one [—Candidate says it is “heterophobic” and “Christian-phobic” to condemn anti-gay campaign mailer. A mailer in a school board election is attacking a candidate’s sexual orientation, saying that he’s “Married” (with scare quotes) to a “same-sex man.” The campaign materials were sent by [—Cyndi Lauper viciously claps back at a gay Republican who stole her song & made it about Trump. Pop icon Cyndi Lauper is ticked off that a gay Republican sang one of her biggest hits – “True Colors” – and made it about supporting Donald Trump, and she [