The 8:8:8 rule could give us the perfect work-life balance. So why aren't more of us following it?

by the Guardian

the Guardian— Eight hours each for work, leisure and sleep feels a sensible balance – yet with home working, and long-hours culture, it can seem like an unachievable goal A woman who grew up in the former Yugoslavia told me how they used to live their days by the three eights: eight hours of work, eight hours of free time and eight hours of sleep. Nice. I assume weekends were free. It’s odd how quaint this 8-8-8 notion sounds, but eight-hour working days add up to 40 hours a week, which was once standard...

TechRadar—Work-life balance vs work-technology balance. As remote working becomes hybrid working, how can technology help not hinder our working practices?—10 tourists from Israel, US, Mexico & Australia stuck in India were caught strolling in Tapovan area against lockdown & social distancing rules due to coronavirus. Each 1 of them had to write 500 times 'I did not follow the rules of the lockdown, I am sorry' as punishment. A group of foreigners was made to write "sorry" 500 times for flouting the lockdown guidelines on Saturday.

New York Post—Which MLB rules are changing and which ones aren’t. Major League Baseball enacted several significant changes to squeeze in the 60-game 2020 season due to COVID-19. Some of those changes remain in effect for what everyone hopes will be a full 162-game slate this year, with others reverting to previous levels. Here’s a look at what’s different and what will be the same for