Tesla’s new chair’s biggest task: Reining in an erratic CEO

by NBC News

NBC News— How well the quirky Musk and his new chairperson will work together should become obvious quickly, considering the CEO’s addiction to Twitter.

fortune.com—The Biggest Challenge for Hudson’s Bay’s New CEO? Deciding What Not to Do. Helena Foulkes has change on the brain.

www.tesla.com—Announcing Robyn Denholm as Tesla’s New Board Chair. Reference Number: 18.b46533b8.1541664158.2d79e0e6

VentureBeat—Tesla’s new chairperson is Robyn Denholm, an existing board member and Telstra’s CFO. Tesla's new chair is existing board member Robyn Denholm, who recently started a new role as CFO at Australian telco giant Tesltra.