Pro-LGBTQ church breaks away from the United Methodist Church

by— The Asbury Memorial Church in Savannah has officially become the first church in Georgia to disaffiliate from the national United Methodist Church due to the growing rift between pro- and [—Texas prosecutor fired after his violent, racist & anti-LGBTQ tweets were exposed. Texas assistant attorney general Nick Moutos has been fired after his violent, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-Muslim tweets – many of which promoted bizarre conspiracy theories – got media attention. “How is [—Donald Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist is stacked with anti-LGBTQ extremists. Donald Trump has released a new list of potential Supreme Court nominees that includes many anti-LGBTQ judges, lawyers, and politicians. If Trump wins another term this fall, he would have [—Michele Bachmann says “transgender Black Marxists” are trying to “overthrow the United States”. Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) may not hold public office any longer, but she’s still trying to remain relevant as a far-right religious extremist. So far, she’s succeeding. Bachmann, whose [