Massachusetts voters uphold transgender rights protections


WPLG— Massachusetts voted Tuesday to uphold a state law that forbids discrimination based on gender identity in public places. Question 3 asked voters if they wanted to keep the law that protects transgender people in public places such as hotels, stores, restaurants, theaters, sports facilities and hospitals. A "no" vote on Question 3 would have repealed the law signed in July 2016. With the "yes" vote, people can use bathrooms and other public facilities based on the gender they identify with -- not...

thenewstribune—Massachusetts voters uphold transgender rights law. Massachusetts voters on Tuesday supported a state law that protects transgender people from discrimination in public accommodations, including bathrooms and locker rooms, rejecting efforts by opponents to repeal the 2-year-old … Click to Continue

@thinkprogress—Massachusetts overwhelmingly upholds transgender nondiscrimination protections. Voters in Massachusetts overwhelmingly upheld Question 3 on Tuesday, a referendum on the state’s transgender nondiscrimination protections. While votes were still being counted, both the “Yes” and “No” campaigns acknowledged that “Yes” had won, meaning voters agreed that it should continue to be illegal to deny service on the basis of gender identity in public […]

Mother Jones—Massachusetts votes to uphold protections for transgender people in public places. A majority of Massachusetts voters chose to uphold legal protections for transgender people on today, preventing a rollback of a law that bans discrimination against trans people in public accommodations such as restrooms and locker rooms. Two-thirds of voters checked “yes” on Question 3, expressing their support for the current law.    “From the very […]