Justice Alito begins full-court press on LGBTQ rights by claiming that marriage equality ruling censors people

by www.gaytoday.com

www.gaytoday.com— Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito gave a rare public speech, delivering the keynote address for an event sponsored by the conservative judicial group The Federalist Society. During the speech, [

www.gaytoday.com—Indiana asks Supreme Court to strip parental rights from gay couples & they may succeed. The United States Supreme Court is taking unusual steps that could start the unraveling of marriage equality. The newly conservative court waited until far-right Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed [

www.gaytoday.com—Trump would have won if LGBTQ people hadn’t turned out to vote for Joe Biden in swing states. Donald Trump may have won reelection if not for LGBTQ voters, a new LGBTQ Nation analysis shows. If LGBTQ people had all decided to stay home instead of voting in [

kottke.org—Pandemic Safety Rules. As I write this, it’s snowing outside here in Vermont and Covid-19 has finally gained a foothold in our little state. At the governor’s press conference yesterday, he and his pandemic response team announced that contact tracing done by the state showed that the rise in cases started as an outbreak in some hockey leagues. That initial outbreak wasn’t contained and subsequent non-essential, indoor, mask-less, multi-household gatherings and Halloween parties resulted in the very sharp rise we...