Federal court defies Trump & grants U.S. citizenship to gay dads’ two-year-old daughter

by www.gaytoday.com

www.gaytoday.com— A federal court in Atlanta recently ruled that Simone Mize-Gregg, a two-year-old born through a surrogate in England to a gay couple, is in fact a U.S. citizen who deserves [

www.gaytoday.com—Donald Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist is stacked with anti-LGBTQ extremists. Donald Trump has released a new list of potential Supreme Court nominees that includes many anti-LGBTQ judges, lawyers, and politicians. If Trump wins another term this fall, he would have [

www.gaytoday.com—Trump administration defends a school in Mike Pence’s home state that fired a gay teacher. The administration is intervening in a state case to argue that a teacher can be legally fired for getting married. The Trump administration is helping a Catholic archdiocese in Mike [

t.co—Trump’s collusion with Russia isn’t in the past. It’s happening right now..