• What have we learned about online learning?

    Image: The COVID-19 pandemic forced colleges, professors and students to engage with digital forms of education in ways many of them never had Did the experience of teaching and learning remotely make them more open to online education and to using technology in the physical classroom? Did professors get more comfortable with teaching with technology? Did it change student expectations about when and how they learn?

  • INSIGHT summer learning camp begins INSIGHT summer learning camp has started

    Manama: Samasta Bahrain has launched a summer study camp named ‘Insight’ under the auspices of Irsadul Muslimeen Madrasah, Manama. giving Samasta Bahrain President Fakhruddin Thangal inaugurated the camp under the chairmanship of Samasta Bahrain Acting Secretary SM Abdul Wahid. SKSSF General Secretary Abdul Majeed introduced the Cholakode camp. Sharafuddin Maulvi explained about holiday Quran classes. [ ]

  • So you had an abortion? #MeToo

    Cleveland com reporter Gretchen Cuda Kroen had an abortion, an experience she once kept secret But she's not ashamed

  • FKA twigs on learning to be the boss

    After a string of ordeals — one extremely fresh — FKA twigs could be excused IS FKA if she weren’t her full self However, Richard Godwin finds the singer in candid mood about her body, dealing with pain and learning to be the boss

  • What I Learned From Being Caught In A Love Triangle

    Thanks for reading Can We Talk?, a sex and relationships column that aims to tackle the burning questions about sex, dating, relationships, and breakups that you’re too afraid to ask your partner — or maybe even your besties Last time, relationship therapist Moraya Seeger DeGeare, LMFT, helped a reader who was deciding between getting back together with a toxic ex or staying in their current, sexless relationship  This week, we heard from Refinery29 readers about navigating their own love...

  • Concern no one currently levelling anything up

    After the dramatic and hilarious news last night that Michael Gove, the minister for levelling up, has been sacked, there is now a real concern that no levelling up is currently being done. “This is genuinely the most worrying news imaginable,” said Simon Williams, Professor of Levels at Cambridge University. “Without a minister for levelling [ ]

  • Languages learning in ‘slow recovery’ following the pandemic

    Report finds Government could miss its EBacc target when it comes to foreign language learning.

  • Languages learning in ‘slow recovery’ following the pandemic

    Report finds Government could miss its EBacc target when it comes to foreign language learning.

  • Wimbledon's New 'Quiet Room' Is Supposedly Anything But

    "Wimbledon" and "sounds of intimacy" aren't two terms you'd normally associate with each other, but at this year's tennis tournament in London, they've become amorously intertwined To be more blunt, the Daily Beast puts it thusly: A new "quiet room" at the Wimbledon facility is "being used for sex by

  • Russia votes to create patriotic youth movement

    Russian lawmakers approved legislation on Wednesday to create a patriotic youth movement in a move reminiscent of Soviet-era youth organisations President Vladimir Putin will be asked to head the supervisory board of the movement which will seek to streamline and champion government efforts to enhance patriotic and Russian values among children and the youth In [ ]

  • Solving algorithm 'amnesia' reveals clues to how we learn

    A discovery about how algorithms can learn and retain information more efficiently offers potential insight into the brain's ability to absorb new knowledge The findings by researchers at the University of California, Irvine School of Biological Sciences could aid in combatting cognitive impairments and improving technology Their study appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences