Closing Argument: Trump. Trump. Trump

by New Haven Independent

New Haven Independent— Donald Trump wasn’t physically present at the Bella Vista senior complex in the Heights on Sunday night. But at an annual New Haven pre-election ritual, the Republican president was at the center of nearly every pitch made by a dozen Democratic candidates seeking local, state, and national offices.

Washington Post—Trump’s racist closing argument. The real threat to America comes not from the caravan but from Trump’s assault on our democratic norms.—Trump’s Frightening Closing Argument. The president returns to campaign combat mode.

Washington Free Beacon—Trump Delivers Closing Argument of 2018 Campaign. FORT WAYNE, Ind.—The crowd, clad in "Make America Great Again" hats and waving signs emblazoned with slogans—"Finish the Wall," "Drain the Swamp," and "Jobs Not Mobs"—roared with enthusiasm as the 45th president of the United States entered the arena. The post Trump Delivers Closing Argument of 2018 Campaign appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.