Clooney foundation launches global effort to monitor court trials

by Raw Story

Raw Story— A justice foundation created by George and Amal Clooney is set to announce on Wednesday a global initiative called TrialWatch to monitor court trials where there is a risk of abuse and to rank countries’ judicial systems. Working with the Columbia University Law School and the American Bar Association, the TrialWatch initiative will train an international network of court monitors, including non-lawyers, whose reports will be used by legal experts to grade trials according to …

The Telegraph—Centrica, Uber launch electric vehicle trial to monitor impact on UK energy grid. Thousands of electric vehicles are to be hooked up to Britain's electricity grid to test its ability to cope with power fluctuations caused by a mass roll-out of the technology.—Japan launches environment monitoring satellite. Japan's space agency on Monday launched a rocket carrying a satellite that will monitor greenhouse gases, as well as the first satellite built entirely in the United Arab Emirates.

@YahooNews—Global warming outpaces efforts to slow it: UN. Humanity is falling further behind in the race against climate change, with the gap between greenhouse gas emissions and levels needed to achieve the Paris climate treaty temperature goals continuing to widen, the UN said Tuesday. To cap global warming at two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit)