Biden's plan to cancel student debt isn't debt forgiveness, it's debt for all

by Fox News

Fox News— America is experiencing inflation, gas prices are some of the highest in history, and the Biden administration is planning a money transfer to the richest segment of the American population.—: Biden says he won’t cancel $50,000 in student loans per borrower, promises plan on debt forgiveness ‘in the next couple of weeks’. President Joe Biden and his spokeswoman on Thursday offer an update on the Biden administration's next steps with student loans, a day after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer suggests the president might cancel up to $50,000 in student debt per borrower.

the Guardian—Biden isn’t serious about forgiving student debt. ‘Means-testing’ is a con. The Biden administration’s proposal is cynicism masquerading as populism – and it will enrage everyone and hurt the Democrats’ electoral chances During the 2020 Democratic primary, Pete Buttigieg’s personal ambition led him to poison the conversation about education in America. Desperate for a contrast point with his rivals, the son of a private university professor aired ads blasting the idea of tuition-free college because he said it would make higher education “free even for the kids of...

Fox News—Consequences of Biden’s plan to cancel student loan debt, according to experts: ‘Enormous consequences’. Canceling student loan debt would create inequality and raise inflation several experts told Fox News Digital.