Actually, there are Obama judges — and Trump judges, and Bush judges, and . . .

by miamiherald

miamiherald— Consider: When liberals were upset that Republican senators refused to hold hearing for Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, wasn’t that just another way of saying that liberals were denied an “Obama judge”?

Zero Hedge—The Difference Between An Obama Judge And A Trump Judge. The last few days have seen President Trump escalate his tirade against judicial bias in America's higher courts following his initial comments responding to yet another liberal California judge earlier this week blocked one of President Trump’s policies - this time a new asylum rule that would have required applicants to arrive at a designated port of entry (a lot to ask, I know) - the understandably frustrated president lashed out at liberal courts in general. “I think it’s a disgrace when...—Chief Justice Roberts is wrong. We do have Obama judges and Trump judges. For someone trying to demonstrate that the judiciary is not political, getting into a political fight with the president sure is a funny way to do it. After President Donald Trump called a judge who ruled against him an “Obama judge,” Chief Justice John Roberts issued an extraordinary public rebuke...—Chief Justice Roberts is wrong. We do have Obama judges and Trump judges.. But judges are not beholden to any president, including the one who appoints them.