ABC: Trump ‘At the Center’ of All the Political Violence Right Now

by CNS News

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The Washington Times—Religious right sticks by Trump as political heat rises. As the threat of impeachment looms, President Donald Trump is digging in and taking solace in the base that helped him get elected: conservative evangelical Christians who laud his commitment to enacting their agenda. Prominent evangelicals who have proven Trump's most stalwart allies are staying in his corner for the

TheHill—Trump puts election-year politics at center of impeachment case. President Trump is leaning into a defense strategy marked by 2020 politics as he seeks to beat back a growing push by Democrats on impeachment.The president has grasped at a number of political arguments to dismiss

CNS News—Candace Owens: ‘Trump Might Be My Favorite Rapper Right Now’. Blexit founder and former Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens said Friday that President Donald Trump challenged the black community not to accept the status quo of the Democratic Party and to challenge Democrats on what it has done for the black community. Read Full Story