2019 Tax Refunds Will Be 26% Higher, Morgan Stanley Says

by Fortune

Fortune— That's an extra $62 billion.

Fox News—Voting for Democrats in midterms will bring higher taxes, higher prices and higher unemployment. Do you have more money than you know what to do with? Do you want to pay higher taxes to get rid of some of your excess cash? Do you want to pay more for the products you buy so businesses can afford to comply with more government regulations?

AppleInsider—Apple's services will grow to over $100 billion per year in 2023, says Morgan Stanley. Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley has taken a deep-dive into Apple's services market segment, and has taken a close look at the factors that will make Apple's once-overlooked aspect of its business a major factor for investors to consider now, and in the future.

CNS News—Trump Says He’s Willing to Make Deal With Dems to Raise Some Taxes to Pay for ‘Middle Class’ Tax Cut. President Donald Trump (Screen Capture) (CNSNews.com) - President Donald Trump indicated at his press conference today that he is willing to cut a deal with Democrats in Congress to raise taxes somewhere—make “a little bit of an adjustment”—in exchange for a middle-class tax cut. Please support CNSNews today! [a 501(c)(3) non-profit...