With the help of the special operation, Russia tries to stop the war against Russian people

by english.pravda.ru

english.pravda.ru— Russia is going through hard times, President Putin said at the ceremony of presenting state awards, TASS reports. "Yes, Russia is going through difficult times now, but, like we said today, there have never been easy times. Still, today is a special moment of our powerful consolidation," he said. According to him, the society gets consolidated to strengthen the foundations of spirituality and create conditions for the development of economy. It is now important to educate young people in order...

WTOP—‘I only operate:’ A Ukrainian trauma surgeon has an all-consuming task during Russia’s war. KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — As the lead trauma surgeon at a military hospital in Ukraine's capital, Petro Nikitin has his hands deep in a war churning hundreds of kilometers (miles) away. The 59-year-old

FOX News—Russia says Wagner private army, with help from Russian troops, seized Bakhmut. In a much-needed victory for Russian military leaders, a spokesman for the country's defense ministry announced that their forces seized the city of Bakhmut.

SiliconBeat—Russia says Wagner private army, with help from Russian troops, seized Bakhmut. Russia’s defense ministry says forces of the Wagner private army, with the support of Russian troops, have seized the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. The ministry statement on the Telegram channel early Sunday came about eight hours after a similar claim by Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin. Ukrainian authorities at that time said fighting for Bakhmut was continuing. The eight-month battle for the city in eastern Ukraine is the longest and probably most bloody of the conflict in Ukraine.