When news organizations think their job is to make news, we’re screwed (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)

by @trentonian

@trentonian— I have been screaming from my little perch here for quite some time about the dangers of cable news. I’ve said all the networks have an agenda, how they’re all playing to an audience, how they — along with social media algorithms and opinion masquerading as news — is helping to splinter this country into […]

@trentonian—Liquor licenses under the microscope in New Jersey (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN). The big controversy in New Jersey these days is all about booze. So that’s nice. A pleasant respite, if you will, from our normal hoo-ha. After all, who doesn’t like a tipple now and again (and again and again?). And I honestly have two completely different opinions about what to do about it all. Anywho, […]

@trentonian—Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, senior citizens, and transgender women (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN). The first, scariest, and most important detail I need to note about this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is the fact I am closer in age to Martha Stewart than I would be if a 20-year-old model — like Paulina Porizkova, in 1985, hubba hubba — graced the cover. Yes. I am closer in age […]

The Irish Sun—I’m a pro decorator & people make the same interior design mistake, it’s bad news for fans of big rugs, they’re SO tacky. DESIGNING a home can be a fun activity, but if things don’t come together the way you thought they would it can quickly turn stressful instead. Not only that but you’ve probably spent loads of time