Webster Parish is named after this early American legislator


ARKLATEXHOMEPAGE— Webster said the links of that great chain began with our origin and run onward through successive generations, binding together the past, present, and future, and leading to the Creator of the universe.

American Military News—Music legend Smokey Robinson says he wants to be called ‘American American,’ not African American. American singer-songwriter Smokey Robinson said during a recent interview that he wants to be known as “American American” rather than an “African American” because of black Americans’ role in fighting for the United States. “I don’t want to be called African-American. I want to be called American American,” Robinson said during an interview with CNN’s …

New York Post—‘American Idol’ fans claim competition ‘rigged’ as Iam Tongi named winner. Viewers of Sunday's "American Idol" season finale slammed the talent show on social media, claiming that the competition was "rigged" in favor of the 18-year-old Hawaiian.

Forbes—Rangers’ Jonah Heim Is American League’s Most Consequential Player In Early Going. Heim has very quietly emerged as the most valuable of commodities - an extremely durable receiver with above average offensive and defensive skills, all at an inexpensive pre=arbitration salary.