US regulators launch investigation into worker death at Amazon warehouse

by The Guardian

The Guardian— Caes Gruesbeck was killed earlier this month from blunt-force trauma while clearing a conveyor belt at an Indiana facilityUS regulators have launched an investigation into the death of a 20-year-old worker at an Amazon warehouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana.Caes Gruesbeck was killed on 9 May while working during his shift at the FWA4 warehouse. Gruesbeck was trying to fix a jam on an overhead conveyor when his head was struck. An Allen County coroner report ruled the fatality was caused by blunt-force...

The Nation—Minnesota Enacts Landmark Protections for Amazon Warehouse Workers. Abdirahman Muse, Emma Greenman, Erin Murphy Passed over strenuous opposition from the company, the new law is the fruit of a long campaign by Amazon workers and the local community.

New York Post—Google, Meta, Amazon hire low-paid foreign workers after US layoffs: report. H-1B visas have been a lightning rod in the immigration debate, with critics saying they are used to undercut US citizens and legal residents.

Daily Mail—Police investigate death of British six-month-old baby who choked to death at a Turkish hotel. Elizabeth Coffey was rushed to hospital after suffering breathing difficulties when 'food or something similar' reportedly got lodged in her throat while on holiday with her parents in Turkey.