Snoop Dogg isn’t quitting weed after all — here’s why he trolled everyone

by NY Post

NY Post— Rapper Snoop Dogg revealed that he hasn't given up smoking weed — He's just collaborating with a smokeless fire pit.

Mixmag—Snoop Dogg announces he’s quitting weed: “Please respect my privacy at this time”. The Weed King gives up the smokeContinue reading

CNN—Snoop Dogg says he’s giving up smoking weed. Snoop Dogg is giving up marijuana – or at least, smoking it.

Sun Sentinel—ASK IRA: Nikola Jovic’s place can’t be in Heat’s perimeter rotation – there isn’t room. Q: The Miami Heat are ruining Nikola Jovic's career. He would be starting on many teams by now. He would be allowed to shoot, to have a few...