Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart reunite for a 'Just Friends'-themed Aviation gin ad

by USA Today

USA Today— Ryan Reynolds tricked his "Just Friends" co-star Amy Smart into a reunion in a skit to advertise Aviation American Gin, his liquor company.

ComicBook.com—Ryan Reynolds and Stargirl Star Amy Smart Have a Just Friends Reunion for Aviation Gin Ad. The pair are shooting a sequel to their 2005 holiday romcom!...kind of.

Looper.com—Ryan Reynolds Tricks Amy Smart Into A Just Friends 'Sequel' For Aviation Gin. "Just Friends" stars Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart reunite for "sequel" that turns out to be a humorous ad for Reynolds' Aviation Gin.

People—Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart Star in a Just Friends 'Self-funded Sequel' for Aviation Gin. In honor of 'Just Friends' hitting theaters 18 years ago on Nov. 23, which is the day Thanksgiving falls on this year, Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart filmed an ad titled “Just Friendsgiving"