Russia says it carried out hypersonic missile exercises using a frigate in the Atlantic


CNBC— The Russian Defense Ministry said one of its frigates had conducted "hypersonic missile exercises" in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Reuters—Russia defence ministry says frigate tests strike capabilities in Atlantic. The Russian Defence Ministry said on Wednesday the frigate Admiral Gorshkov tested its strike capabilities in the western Atlantic Ocean.

Business Insider—Worried about World War III, Trump says he wants an 'impenetrable' shield like Iron Dome to protect the US from hypersonic weapons. A missile defense expert says it's a long shot.. Whether that's Iron Dome, something similar, or something else entirely, nothing is going to be "impenetrable," a missile defense expert said.

19FortyFive—Russia Is Getting a New Warship Armed with Hypersonic Missiles. It isn’t a late Christmas present for Moscow, but it could be the next best thing. In March, the Russian Navy will reportedly receive its latest Project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov-class missile frigate, Admiral Golovko – the first ship in the class to be equipped with a domestic powerplant, rather than one imported from Ukraine. “Under […]