Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Declares Support For Bitcoin at Miami Conference (Video)

by Rare

Rare— Democrat candidate for President Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has declared his support for Bitcoin, appearing as the keynote speaker at the Bitcoin 2023 Convention in Miami recently. Kennedy Jr. voiced concerns over government control over finance. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE He listed the Canadian Trucker protest of 2021 as an example of why he […]

Raw Story—Robert F. Kennedy Jr. inoculates himself against financial disclosure — for now. The Federal Election Commission granted Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. more time to reveal his personal finances, buying the member of the wealthy Kennedy family an extra 45 days to disclose his assets, income and liabilities as required for all presidential hopefuls.Kennedy joins several other members of a growing field of presidential candidates who requested and received extensions until June 29 or beyond to file public financial disclosures, including former...

Drudge Report—Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Announces Dennis Kucinich as Campaign Manager. RFK Jr. Names Kucinich as Campaign Manager (First column, 3rd story, link) Related stories:Buttigieg Loves God, Beer, and His Electric MustangIs Bernie Sanders happy?

NBC News—Robert F. Kennedy Jr. names Dennis Kucinich as 2024 campaign manager. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has chosen former Rep. Dennis Kucinich to manage his 2024 presidential campaign, uniting the two famously idiosyncratic political figures in a long-shot attempt to defeat President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.