Researchers Want to Use ‘Biochar’ to Combat Climate Change

by— A new review of research suggests that the nature-based technology biochar – a carbon-rich material – could be an important tool to use in agriculture to help mitigate climate change.

TheHill—Research: Climate change drying lakes faster than thought. Welcome to The Hill's Energy & Environment newsletter {beacon} Energy & Environment Energy & Environment   The Big Story Climate change drying out lakes faster than thought: study New research published in the journal Science indicates lakes' water storage is shrinking at a clip three times greater than previously thought. © Getty Images An analysis of nearly—Climate change believers are more likely to cooperate with strangers, research finds. People's willingness to believe in climate change varies greatly, as does their willingness to engage in pro-environmental behavior, such as energy conservation. We tried to understand the psychological factors behind these differences in our recent study.

One Green Planet—How Tree Diversity Can Help Us Combat Climate Change. A study discovered that preserving forest diversity significantly enhances soil carbon and nitrogen accumulation and mitigates climate change.