• Required Reading

    This week, America’s toxic love for Tina Turner, the hype over UFOs, real-life “Mexico filter” in New York, and more.

  • Required Reading

    This week, memes as a love language, photos from Trans Prom, a museum cat named Indiana Bones, and what is a parm espresso martini?


    The year is 1660. England's brief period as a republic is over, and Charles II has returned from exile with revenge on his mind. In 1649 his father, Charles I, was beheaded


    This week, Jane Shilling has picked out three must reads: Lenny Henry's Rising to the Surface; Andrew Hunter Murray's The Sanctuary; and Miriam Toews's Fight Night.

  • Why no one is reading your work

    Let’s look at how to give your content the boost it needs to get more eyeballs. You’ve worked really hard on a piece. Maybe it’s for your brand journalism site, an intranet or even an email. You eagerly check your analytics tool, waiting for those sweet, sweet clicks to roll in. But they don’t. Your […]

  • What We Are Reading Today: College

    Author: Andrew Delbanco As the commercialization of American higher education accelerates, more and more students are coming to college with the narrow aim of obtaining a preprofessional credential. The traditional four-year college experience—an exploratory time for students to discover their passions and test ideas and values with the help of teachers and peers—is in danger of becoming a thing of the past. In “College,” prominent cultural critic Andrew Delbanco offers a trenchant defense of...

  • What We Are Reading Today: ‘Volcanoes’

    Authors: Richard V. Fisher, Grant Heiken, And Jeffrey Hulen Whenever a volcano threatens to erupt, scientists and adventurers from around the world flock to the site in response to the irresistible allure of one of nature’s most dangerous and unpredictable phenomena. In a unique book probing the science and mystery of these fiery features, the authors chronicle not only their geologic behavior but also their profound effect on human life.

  • GDK: Summer Reading

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    • WNYC

    Summer Reads By NPR Authors

    As the temperatures rise and vacation days are on the horizon, there's no better season to enjoy a good book. From essays, and pop-culture analysis to memoirs and biographies, these NPR personalities have drawn upon their reporting and personal experiences in this list of new books. For your next summer read, check out these new and upcoming selections from our very own NPR authors. It. Goes. So. Fast.By Mary Louise KellyCo-host of NPR's All Things Considered Operating Instructions meets Glennon...

  • Volunteers show up to do water readings

    Volunteers from South Wairarapa sports and community groups have been putting in the hard yards to read more than 4500 water meters during June to raise money for their respective organisations. Maggie Forest, meter read co-ordinator for South Wairarapa District Council [SWDC], said the data gathered from the readings is crucial for keeping an eye […]

    • STAT

    Opinion: When should hospitals require masks?

    There are scenarios where the benefits of masking in health care settings would outweigh the risks.

  • What We Are Reading Today: ‘Enchanted by Daphne’

    Author: PETER R. GRANT “Enchanted by Daphne” is legendary ecologist Peter Grant’s personal account of his remarkable life and career. In this revelatory book, Grant takes readers from his childhood in World War II–era Britain to his ongoing research today in the Galápagos archipelago, vividly describing what it’s like to do fieldwork in one of the most magnificent yet inhospitable places on Earth. This is also the story of two brilliant and courageous biologists raising a family together while...