• Ivan Duque and his warnings about the pension corralito – Political Parties – Politics

    The ex-president ivan duke was present on Tuesday night at the launch of the book ‘Duque, su Presidency’, edited by Villegas editores. In his speech he spoke about current issues that have generated debates in public opinion. Among them, he made reference to the pension reform that the Government of President Gustavo Petro seeks to …

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  • Politics Of Lamentation In Ethiopia: Ethnic Elite’s Politics For Resources And Land Through Power Grab – Analysis

    Overview of Ethiopian Politics  Africans have always complained that their resources are looted by colonial powers (in the past), neo-liberal businesses, and domestic embezzlers, among others. In Ethiopia, both history and current affairs inform us that political resentments and politics of lamentation have its root and causation in resource grabs and recourse embezzlement. Ethiopia still proclaims under its constitution that land and other natural resource belong to the state. (1) The...

  • The Tropical Is Political

    A group exhibition at the Americas Society investigates ideas of paradise, approaching the Caribbean region as a product of the visitor economy regime.

  • The Politics To Come

    How will the rise of the New Right change Europe?

  • Sports and politics

    Because events were postponed due to the pandemic, the Arkansas Press Association didn’t get around to presenting its 2020 and 2021 Headliner of the Year awards until a banquet last month. The 2020 honoree was Gov. Asa Hutchinson for his daily communication at the onset of the pandemic. The 2021 recipient was Hunter Yurachek, the […]

  • What the media is doing to our politics

    An American academic told me that during the 2016 presidential election nobody in academia believed there was the faintest chance…What to read next: Delights to behold | Disparate tribes | My prescription for surviving the winter | Old-world decorum

  • The Perversions of Political Punditry

    A study of political pundits appearing on US television discovered that they are more likely to be invited back by the TV station if they are wrong in their predictions than if they are right. One reason why the erroneous commentator is re-invited is because they are categorical in their opinions. They do not see the arrows pointing confusingly in different directions, something that real experts are all-too-prone to do. More

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    Too soon: Political Cartoons

    Check out our regular cartoon gallery featuring some of the best cartoonists from around the world, and across the political spectrum, covering current issues and figures.

  • Loneliness Is a Political Problem

    A recent survey found 95% of young people now feel lonely, with more than half citing money as a key factor. When everything's expensive, and the public sphere has been deliberately decimated, it's no surprise. Across the various different forms of social isolation, what remains clear is that it almost always bears a direct relation to material circumstances. (Tara Moore / Getty Images) Last month, the Co-Op Foundation published new research which arrived at a not...

  • All politics is no longer local

    This 2022 election confirmed and solidified the fact that Alabama is a Ruby Red hardcore Republican state. Continue reading this post on our website.

  • Political Violence at a Glance

    Lindsay Morgan interviews Maggie Peters In a new episode from our friends at Talking Policy, UC Los Angeles

  • The Wrong Way to Do Politics at the Office

    In a 2005 episode of The Office, Michael Scott, the office manager, requires his employees to choose an upside-down index card from a tray and place it on their forehead. The cards bear a racial or ethnic label—Black, Jewish, Italian, and so on—and Michael tells the employees to treat one another according to the label listed on the card and to “stir the melting pot” by playing to racial stereotypes. The scene, which ends with Michael getting slapped in the face, mocks corporate America’s...