People hate my outfits but I wear what I want – my clothes scare the Karens, they don’t have the confidence do it

by The Irish Sun

The Irish Sun— A FASHION girl is ignoring the judgy comments she gets about her revealing outfits. She knows she looks good and believes others are simply jealous of her confidence. Even as a mom, 21-year-old Ale

The Irish Sun—I’m trolled for my ‘horrible’ legs because of my saggy skin but I don’t care – people don’t understand my full story. A WOMAN has hit back at haters who have trolled her for having saggy skin on her legs. The body activist explained people have been judging her without even learning the story of her dramatic

The Irish Sun—My lazy girl dinner takes just 15 minutes – there are only 4 ingredients and you don’t need to chop if you don’t want to. ONE innovative cook has revealed the recipe for her 15-minute lazy girl meal. On her low-energy nights, she will make a four-ingredient dinner that requires little prep. Lauren Jack (@queenlaurenja

LGBTQ Nation—Don’t be fooled by the boycotts: Most Americans want companies to support LGBTQ+ people. A survey of non-LGBTQ Americans show large majorities disagree with right-wing discrimination.