Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Series is Educational, Actress Keyla McNeely Says

    Keyla McNeely says she's proud of her work in the Jeffrey Dahmer series even though some folks are upset over it because she thinks there are important lessons to learn. We got Keyla, who plays Dorothy Straughter in the Dahmer docuseries, at…

  • Best new releases Netflix 2022: Here are 8 of best films and series on Netflix UK this week

    These are 8 of the best new release television shows and movies streaming on Netflix UK this week.

  • Netflix Best New Series 2022: Here are 8 of best films and TV shows on Netflix UK this week

    Here are are 8 of the best new releases streaming on Netflix UK this coming week.

  • Why is Wednesday Addams having visions in the Netflix series?

    Why is Wednesday having visions? Throughout the new Netflix series, Wednesday Addams has glimpses into the future that tell her distressing things that are coming for those around her: One problem: she can't seem to control it at all. Over the course of the horror series from Tim Burton, Wednesday struggles to harness her abilities into material good, begrudgingly turning to her mother, Morticia, for guidance. The matriarch offers support and insight into the condition, an...

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    Here are some of the most swoon-worthy TV series that you can watch on Netflix. So curl up on your fainting couch with a cup of your favorite tea, grab your fan, and swoon away!

  • Why is Wednesday sent to Nevermore Academy in the Netflix series?

    Why is Wednesday in Nevermore Academy? Tim Burton's new Netflix series based on The Addams Family sends Wednesday off to boarding school. Finally, away from Morticia and Gomez and her darling brother Pugsley, Wednesday can prosper on her lonesome. Or so she wishes since boarding schools aren't big on privacy. The Addams Family has a history in Nevermore Academy since it's where young Morticia and Gomez met and started dating. Wednesday isn't so enamoured, but the horror series...

  • Virgin River cast: who are the stars of the Netflix series?

    Who are the Virgin River cast? Based on the novels of the same name by Robyn Carr, Virgin River has had us all hooked since it first debuted in 2021 on Netflix. Over the course of its three seasons, we have laughed, cried and have fallen in love with some pretty memorable characters. Telling the story of the LA nurse Mel Monroe, who moves to Virgin River for a fresh start, the series often explores the dramas between her new neighbours. But who are the real actors behind the...

  • What Was the Netflix Horror-comedy Wednesday Series' Filming Location?

    Wednesday, a spin-off series from Netflix based on the Addams Family character Wednesday Addams, is their most recent horror-comedy release. The teenage daughter of the Addams, who enrolls at the eerie Nevermore Academy, has a coming-of-age story in the television series. A gothic village and a spooky school serve as the show’s setting, and in […]

  • 10 most-watched on Netflix series and shows last week

    These series and show have been the most popular on #Netflix:

  • Blood, Sex & Royalty : A new kind of series on Netflix ?

    The new original creation focuses on the love story between Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII in a rather surprising way! Blood, Sex & Royalty is a kind of docu-drama which reveals how an extraordinary woman managed to change the course of history thanks to her exceptional intelligence. If you like historical series, then Blood, Sex […] L’article Blood, Sex & Royalty : A new kind of series on Netflix ? est apparu en premier sur Necir.

  • Netflix’s “Heartstopper” Stars Kit & Joe On What Attracted Them To The Series

    Netflix’s “Heartstopper” is one of the streamers most popular series to date and the popularity quickly earned the show a two season renewal and that’s rare of Netflix! In the first week, the series was watched for 14,550,000 million hours. The second week saw a massive 65% growth in viewership, rising to 23,940,000 million hours.…

  • First Look at Netflix's Non-Linear Streaming Series 'Kaleidoscope'

    Netflix has unveiled a behind-the-scenes first look at an interactive streaming series arriving in 2023 called Kaleidoscope. Formerly known as Jigsaw, this "non-linear" anthology series is similar to Netflix's clever interactive "Bandersnatch" episode of Black Mirror. This one focuses on the largest heist ever attempted, and the vengeance and betrayals that surround it. Inspired by the story of money going missing during Hurricane Sandy in NYC. The compelling crime series takes a non-linear...