Microsoft 365 Services, Including Outlook and Teams, Are Down Around the World

by Gizmodo

Gizmodo— It's not you. Microsoft services like Teams and Outlook were down in multiple countries early Wednesday.

The Indian Express—Microsoft’s services such as 365, Outlook, GitHub, Teams, Azure appear to be down. Various Microsoft services such as Teams, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Azure, and LinkedIn are facing downtime as per the down detector.

TechCrunch—Multiple Microsoft services including Outlook, Teams and Xbox Live suffer outage. Scores of Microsoft services including Teams, Xbox Live, Outlook and Microsoft 365 suite are inaccessible to thousands of users around the ...

WinBuzzer—Microsoft Teams and Outlook down amid Major Microsoft 365 Outage. Microsoft Teams and Outlook were down for hours as Microsoft 365 suffers a second major outage in less than a month.