Maren Morris burns bridge with country music in incendiary 'The Tree' video: 'It’s so futile. I choose happiness.'

by Yahoo

Yahoo— In new EP 'The Bridge,' Morris is "freely moving forward" — and blasting "hyper-masculine" country stars like Jason Aldean whose music is “being used as this really toxic weapon in culture wars."

FOX News Radio—Maren Morris Leaves Country Music- AMEN. Former Country Singer Maren Morris announced she is leaving the genre we’ve been asking her to leave for years. I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. Country Music has been trending woke thanks to executives who have no idea who their audience actually is. But luckily, over the last few months actual country music fans have been fighting back against that mind virus. Apparently that has triggered singer Maren Morris who announced she is leaving the genre because it’s not open-minded enough and doesn’t...

E! Online—Why Maren Morris Is Stepping Back From Country Music. Maren Morris is leaving the world of country music behind. The "My Church" singer reflected on her relationship with the genre, explaining why she hasn't felt as connected to it recently. "The

Vulture—Maren Morris Has One Bridge Left to Burn. With country music, on her EP The Bridge.