Manicures Go Virtual With AR

by— As brands and retailers look to translate real-life experiences into the online realm, beauty and fashion tech solutions provider Perfect Corp. is looking to augment them. In its latest development, the artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) provider has teamed up with French green beauty brand Manucurist to bring its Green Flash nail colors […] The post Manicures Go Virtual With AR first appeared on

Psychology Today—To Go or Not to Go?. Invited to a family gathering of any kind and felt reluctant to attend for any reason? Think twice before saying no.

ZDNet—Fitness isn't going to sell me on Apple's new AR/VR headset. Here's why. Reality Pro will need a killer feature to justify its rumored $3,000 price tag. For me, workouts and fitness apps aren’t it.

Washington Examiner—Target learns the Bud Light lesson: Go woke, go broke. Raise a glass of Bud Light to Target, whose market value shed $10 billion in 10 days after customers revolted against Target’s range of Pride-themed tat. Celebrate by squeezing into a Calvin Klein mankini, as promoted by an obese “trans man” with saggy moobs, and then camping out in North Face, as advertised by Pattie Gonia, the “real-life homosexual” who dresses as Barbarella-era Jane Fonda, only with more chest hair.