• Google to block Bard's shared chats from showing in Google Search

    After Google released shared conversations in Bard, Google Search began crawling and indexing those public chats.

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    Google Bard AI Dips into Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube

    New capabilities for the tech giant's chatbot that span across the Google platform may make Bard more helpful.

  • Google's Bard AI can now connect to Gmail, Google Docs, Maps, Drive, and YouTube

    Google initially unveiled its Bard AI tool as a knee-jerk reaction to the overnight popularity gained by ChatGPT earlier this year, but in the meantime the search giant has continued to improve Bard - whether by adding new features or expanding its reach. Today is another 'new feature' day in Bardland, as Bard Extensions are launching. Google says this is "a completely new way to interact and collaborate with Bard". Using Extensions, Bard can get relevant information from all the other Google...

  • How to create YouTube scripts with Google Bard

    This guide will show you how you can use Google Bard to create YouTube scripts for your videos, this is a great feature that can help you streamline your YouTube video creation. Google Bard is a large language model from Google AI, and represents a formidable leap in the domain of large language models, having […]

  • Google Podcasts to Be Discontinued in Favor of YouTube Music in 2024

    Google Podcasts, a centralized platform for podcast experience, is set to bid goodbye next year.

  • 5 new YouTube creator tools unveiled by Google

    During the recent Made On YouTube event, a platform dedicated to showcasing the latest ways YouTube supports and spotlights creators, Google announced a slew of new features. These tools are designed to enhance the creative process, streamline content production, and expand audience reach. 1. Dream Screen Add AI-generated image or video backgrounds into YouTube Shorts […]

  • Google Podcasts is shutting down next year, YouTube Music to take over

    Another Google app will soon be phased out – Google Podcasts will cease to exist in 2024 as Google looks to move podcasts to YouTube Music. Google Podcasts launched in 2018 on Android and later made its way to web and iOS in 2020. Google Podcasts is being phased out by YouTube Music Google is looking to create a centralized podcast destination on YouTube Music and the plan is already in motion in the US where users can listen and watch podcasts on YouTube Music without a paid membership....

  • Google Podcasts dies in 2024, YouTube Music picks up slack

    Google has announced the popular Google Podcasts service is shutting down as the company plans to fold audio shows into the YouTube Music app. The company is hoping to streamline the experience completely after making audio and video podcasts available within the YouTube Music app without the need for a subscription earlier this year. Right | Trusted Reviews

  • Google Podcasts is going away, with YouTube to get all its shows and users

    RIP, Google Podcasts. Starting in 2024, Google is making YouTube Music its one and only stop for podcasts–so it’s shuttering Google Podcasts, the free-to-listen service it launched in 2018. The decision “matches what listeners and podcasters are already doing,” YouTube said in a company blog post. It cites Edison stats: 23% of weekly listeners in […] Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

  • Google Kills Google Podcasts

    Google Podcasts, an app on Google Play with 500 million downloads and a solid 4.6-rating, will shutdown next year. As wild as that seems, the writing was probably on the wall earlier in the year when Google fully opened up podcasts on its YouTube Music platform. We should have seen where this

  • Google Bard: Gmail, YouTube, Docs, and MORE Gets the AI Chatbot

    Google's Bard is now available on more of its apps, as well as its Workspace suite.

  • You Can Now Connect Bard to Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, and More

    Today, Google announced Bard Extensions, a new feature that lets you connect Bard to your Google services. Think of them like ChatGPT plugins, if those plugins were proprietary and connected to OpenAI services. Bard Extensions allow you to connect Bard to services like Gmail, Drive, Docs, YouTube, and more, so you can