• Morning headlines: Closures to affect portions of I-29 and Main Avenue today

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  • Have a story to tell? Sing it out

    TV series, especially on streamers, are launching a whole new era of the musical.

  • The stories we love are on the picket line

    It all starts with the writer. In Hollywood, without writers there is nothing. There are no movies, TV series, streaming series, or anything else that is scripted material. It is the writer who comes up with an idea for a story. These thoughts are then committed to paper or, more likely, the computer. This is then where the magic begins. From an initial thought, characters, situations, settings and a story emerge. From someone's imagination, worlds are created, dialogue materializes, events...

  • Is ‘To Leslie’ Based on a True Story?

    The movie stars Andrea Riseborough as a West Texas woman who hits rock bottom.

  • A More Complex Report Than The Headlines Suggest

    A More Complex Report Than The Headlines Suggest Authored by Peter Tchir via Academy Securities, The headline (Establishment) jobs numbers were great. 339k jobs added, 283k in the private sector AND 93k of upward revisions. That is in line or even better than yesterday’s ADP report. At this point I have no idea why we have the Challenger layoff report, as it doesn’t seem to reflect any of the jobs data. But the Household report says we lost 310k jobs in the month. And for 2 months...

  • CelebrateErie 2023 headliners announced

    (WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — CelebrateErie is back for the summer Flo Rida and Parmalee will be heading to Erie to perform. The three-day festival takes place in downtown Erie and will run Aug. 18-20, 2023. Erie All Stars presents Fleetwood Mac will play the mainstage Friday, Aug. 18; Flo Rida will headline Saturday, Aug. 19; and Parmalee will perform []

  • Mayra's Story: I'm Alive, I'm Here, I'm Living

    Mayra was 34 when she learned she had stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma in her left breast and had a mastectomy. Ten months later, tests showed she had the same type of cancer in her right breast. She underwent another mastectomy and is now on hormone therapy. “You need to embrace what is happening to you, and I found that finding others in the same situation is important so you don’t feel alone,” she said.

  • Headlines for May 31, 2023

    Debt Limit Deal Heads to House Vote Amid Objections on Both the Left and Right; NYC Climate Protesters Call on Sen. Schumer to Remove Climate Concessions Before Passing Debt Deal; Climate Crisis: Canada Wildfires Grow; Heat Wave Scorches Asia; EU Ups Summer Firefighting Force; Tech Experts Warn Against “Risk of Extinction from AI”; Hotline Workers at Nat’l Eating Disorder Association Are Being Replaced by Chatbot; Sudan’s Army Suspends Participation in Ceasefire Talks; NATO to Deploy 700 More...

  • Stories that teach financial freedom

    Since I started working in 1999, I have come across the difficult financial situations of my co-workers. There were some where their payroll cash cards had been perennially pawned to debtors. There were others who engaged in incurring debts with exorbitant interest rates but had no choice, which then led

  • Water main break in Argyle

    ARGYLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) -- The Village of Argyle is currently trying to locate a major leak in the water system on Sheridan Street to initiate repairs as soon as possible. According to the Washington County Department of Public Safety, the leak has caused unplanned interruptions in the water supply within the village. As soon as []

  • Independent bookstores on the rise in Minnesota, each with a story of their own

    15 new independent bookstores that have opened in Minnesota since March 2020.

  • Independent bookstores on the rise in Minnesota, each with a story of their own

    15 new independent bookstores that have opened in Minnesota since March 2020.