• Will petrified Republicans finally take a stand if Trump is indicted?

    If Donald Trump is indicted as early as next week over the Stormy Daniels hush-money payments, it's not only going to be momentous for him, it's also going to be a "come to Jesus" moment for his entire party, a Bloomberg columnist warned Sunday.It's one thing for many Republicans to secretly oppose Trump while still skating along with him at this point — but it will be another situation entirely if the former president is hit with criminal charges. Republicans will finally be forced to take a...

  • Trump slams Biden's 'anti-America policies' for collapse of SVB

    Former President Donald Trump is blaming the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank of President Joe Biden's 'anti-American policies.'

  • Biden and Trump should be forced to take mental competency test, suggests Nikki Haley

    The Republican presidential candidate is part of group calling for generational change in Washington DC

  • Cartoonist’s Take

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  • Biden supporters have little to fear in Trump

    Former President Donald Trump's effort to return to the Oval Office next year may be President Joe Biden's best prospect for his own reelection. Biden won his first term in large part because his opponent was Trump, a political neophyte. Trump demonstrated little capacity to do the job, to the degree that Biden was elected as the only alternative.

  • Trump has edge on Biden on issue of aging

    So how are the potential presidential hopefuls for 2024 doing? The clock is ticking, and one candidate appears to be doing rather well in the all-important state of New Hampshire.

  • Biden's border policy echoes Trump's

    "There is a void right now in any sort of positive narrative around the southern border," one strategist told Newsweek.

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    DeSantis is taking his time — and it's driving Trump crazy

    Ron DeSantis knows former President Donald Trump needs his 2024 presidential opponents to crowd the Republican primary field and is holding back.

  • Biden Madness: Regional Finals, Round 4

    It was another close call for Biden Madness 2.0! It was a tight game between two Biden-isms, but the unfortunate comment of Seed #3 “Where’s Jackie’ moves onto the final four. Thursday’s line-up will certainly divide a nation (kind of fitting for a Biden-themed game.) SEED #8. Happy Birthday Reminder: Biden leading a ‘happy birthday’ […]

  • Biden Madness: Regional Finals, Round 3

    Biden Madness 2.0 is heating up! Tuesday’s face-off was a nail-bitter as “You Ain’t Black” succeed by just 2%! The next round is sure to be just as close as two very different, but very strong Biden-isms go head-to-head. SEED #3. Where’s Jackie? Reminder: This a rare moment in Biden Madness where it’s simply not […]

  • Barney Frank busts the leftist narrative that Trump did it

    The left, acting as it does, has done its level best to blame President Trump for the bank meltdowns now plaguing the U.S. Some headlines seen on a DuckDuckGo search this morning: Trump-era banking law paved way for Silicon Valley bank's co

  • What will finally force Pence to squeal on Trump?

    On one hand, former Vice President Mike Pence is trying to get out of complying with a subpoena from special counsel Jack Smith to give grand jury testimony on the January 6 attack. But on the other hand, Pence made waves at the Gridiron journalists' dinner over the weekend by rebuking both former President Donald Trump and Fox News personality Tucker Carlson for their own roles in fomenting the insurrection.Speaking on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" on Monday, former FBI counterintelligence...