Latest Bermuda Softball League Results

by Bernews

Bernews— In Women’s Division action, Western Stars Angels made light work of PHC Zebras defeating them 19 – 4. Leading the way for the victors was Jessie Ewart who drove in 4 runs while Cassandra Trott, Keisha Eve and Terry Paynter each contributed with 2rbi. PHC scored all four runs in the top of the first […]

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Bernews—Youth Futsal League & Tournament Results. 52 goals were scored this weekend in Futsal League action, with the Force Navy team the early leaders, while Force Black and Blue teams are tied for second place. Youth Futsal League Week 1 Results A spokesperson said, “The Futsal League showcased the emerging talents and competitive spirit of these young players. With 52 goals […]—Softball results for Monday, May 22, 2023. A scoreboard of softball games.