• iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max Battery Test (Video)

    Apple has four models in this year’s iPhone range, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus and the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. We have already seen various battery tests against other manufacturers and now we have another battery test. The video below from Phone Buff tests all four models of the iPhone 15 […]

  • Google Pixel 8 Pro vs. Google Pixel 7 Pro

    Several upgrades to the camera system, a brand new super-bright display, next-gen custom chipset, plus 7 years of software support - as generational improvements go, the Pixel 8 Pro appears to bring more than just the bare minimum. The 7 Pro from last year was already a capable enough handset, though, and it may very well still be the better option for those looking for a high-end end Google phone experience at a lower price than that of the latest flagship. Let's see how the two compare. ...

  • How to SIM Unlock the iPhone 15 Pro Max

    If you just bought your iPhone 15 Pro Max but its SIM is locked, then this guide is for you as we’ll show you a couple of different ways that you can unlock the SIM of your brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

  • OnePlus 12 vs iPhone 15 Pro: What's the difference?

    OnePlus has just revealed the OnePlus 12 in China – but how does it compare to Apple's popular iPhone 15 Pro?

  • Fake iPhone 15 Pro Max shown off on video

    Every year when. Apple releases their new iPhones we also get to see various fake iPhones and now we can have a look at a new fake iPhone 15 Pro Max. The video below from Phone Repair Guru gives us a look at one of the latest fake iPhones that have been released. This insightful […]

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max Charging Test (Video)

    Apple offers a range of different chargers for their iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphones, these include 20W and 30W chargers. Other companies offer faster chargers for the iPhone, but do these faster chargers make any major differences in charging speeds? The video below from iDeviceHelp tests the iPhone 15 Pro Max with different chargers, one […]

  • Startlingly good iPhone 15 Pro Max fake is hard to spot

    A new video teardown of a fake iPhone 15 Pro shows just how incredibly well the counterfeiters are making them — and just how few ways you can tell you're being ripped off.A remarkably convincing fake iPhone 15 Pro MaxA fake iPhone 15 Pro Max was not good enough to fool a Redditor who got one in place of a real model he'd ordered from Apple. In that case, the customer knew enough to recognize that what he'd received featured a "chin" at the bottom of the screen, which the real iPhone 15 Pro Max...

  • A close look at an insanely detailed fake iPhone 15 Pro Max

    We learned earlier this month that a Reddit user had his iPhone 15 Pro Max order from Apple intercepted somewhere in the shipping process, and received a fake iPhone 15 Pro Max instead. While he was sufficiently savvy to quickly realize that it wasn’t the real thing, we can now take a close look at the fake he likely received – with both hardware and iOS 17 software cloned more

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max is finally affordable with this Black Friday deal

    iPhone 15 Pro Max playing video Black Friday is the best time to buy a new phone, and even the recently released iPhone 15 Pro Max is picking up some mighty discounts.

  • UK has a rash of iPhone 15 Pro Max orders swapped for fakes during shipment

    A spate of legitimate iPhone 15 Pro Max orders on the UK Apple Store online have seen buyers get fakes, iPhone 14, or even an iPhone SE.A real iPhone 15 Pro MaxFirst there was one Reddit user who reported getting a fake instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max he or she ordered, then there was a teardown showing how remarkably accurate some fakes can be. Now, though, it appears that many UK buyers are getting the wrong iPhones.

  • Is There a Bootleg iPhone 15 Pro Max? Redditor Shows Closer Look of Fake Phone

    A Reddit user who happens to buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple, says that he did not receive a legit model. Instead, all he got was a knockoff version.

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    Best Buy will sell you the iPhone 15 Pro Max for $100 off after Cyber Monday

    The big-screen iPhone, with 256GB of storage, can be had for just $1,099 if you meet Best Buy's requirements listed below.