India's K-pop star Sriya Lenka opens up on joining BLACKSWAN for their album 'That Karma'

by INDIA New England News

INDIA New England News— Mumbai– Sriya Lenka, India’s first K-pop artiste has opened up on joining multi-ethnic K-pop girl group, BLACKSWAN, and is geared up for the release of their new single album titled […]

The Guardian—Malcolm McLaren’s Duck Rock at 40: the album that foretold today’s anything-goes pop. The 1983 LP introduced a generation to hip-hop and mashed up style – but by not crediting Black musicians, it was also cultural appropriation. Producer Trevor Horn recalls its creationThe story of what may be the most groundbreaking and prescient album of its era begins with a mystery: what on earth did a major record label think they were doing giving Malcolm McLaren £100,000 to make a solo album in the early 80s? Having opened the Sex boutique with Vivienne Westwood in the mid-70s and managed...

Drudge Report—‘The Idol’ Scandalizes Cannes With Five-Minute Standing Ovation for Lily-Rose Depp’s Masturbating Pop Star, Explicit Nudity and the Weeknd’s TV Acting Debut. The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp shut down the Croisette to show the price of fame — and plenty of raunchy intrigue — at the Cannes premiere of “The Idol” on Monday. Making direct parallels to superst—K-Pop acts take centerstage at 'The Super Stage by K-Pop in Manila' concert. OctoArts Entertainment is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated event of the year for K-POP enthusiasts in Manila. Prepare to be mesmerized as "The Super Stage by K-POP in Manila" presents a sensational lineup of K-POP super acts. This live extravaganza will feature the captivating all-female ensemble of MAMAMOO+, KEP1ER, and