India on Alert to Contain Outbreak of Deadly Nipah Virus

by The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal— The state of Kerala is testing hundreds of contacts of two people who died of the disease, which is found in bats.

The Telegraph—India races to contain outbreak of deadly Nipah virus. It is the fourth time the virus – which has a fatality rate as high as 75 per cent – has emerged in the state of Kerala

Forbes—What To Know About The Deadly Nipah Virus As India Races To Contain Outbreak. Feared as a potential cause of another pandemic, Nipah has no treatments or vaccines, and the virus kills as many as three out of every four people it infects.

Fox News—India racing to contain deadly Nipah virus outbreak as hundreds are tested in Kerala state. Health officials in India are racing Thursday to contain an outbreak of the Nipah virus, which has already killed two and carries a fatality...