I’m plus size with big boobs – I don’t get offended when people call me a whale, I unleashed my inner beach goddess

by The Irish Sun

The Irish Sun— AN INTERNET sensation has modeled several new plus-size swimsuit designs to help fans decide which style will work best this summer. As the heat turns up across the country, the sexiest new swimsui

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The Irish Sun—I’m a plus-sized Thickney Spears – people judge my skimpy outfits but I don’t care, I love my body. A PLUS-sized influencer who faces criticism for wearing skimpy clothing has revealed her biggest tip to boost the body confidence of curvy women. Leah Stanley, who refers to herself as ‘Thickney Sp

The Irish Sun—I’m plus-size – horrified people stare when I wear bikinis but I don’t care what they think, go for the swim ladies. A PLUS-SIZE woman has decided to ignore the horrified stares of her detractors and continue to wear her cute bikinis. She couldn’t care less what they think and will step out in a bikini when