• California examines benefits, risks of using artificial intelligence in state government

    Newsom’s office released a report about generative AI on Tuesday, outlining potential ways state government could harness the benefits of technology.

  • What is artificial intelligence doing to us?

    Dear friends, Thank you for once again having the patience to read my attempts to produce a story to capture your hearts. Our site stuffedparty will soon be ten years old, we have survived all kinds of challenges and we … Continued

  • How to Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience for Your Customers

    Are you looking to provide a great unboxing experience for your products? This infographic looks to answer how you can do that.

  • Artificial intelligence tackling global water shortages

    A company using artificial intelligence to save billions of liters of water has partnered with University of the West of Scotland (UWS) to further enhance its technology. FIDO Tech is helping communities affected by water shortages and restrictions around the world—working with utility companies to protect UK resources and protecting water supplies for communities in Australia, America, Thailand and beyond.

  • How Businesses Can Improve Customer Service with ChatGPT

    In today’s competitive business landscape, providing exceptional customer service is crucial for success. Businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction are more likely to retain customers, attract new ones, and achieve long-term growth. ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI, has emerged as a powerful tool that can transform customer service operations and enhance the overall […]

  • Using AI to automate customer service workflows

    Businesses considering integrating artificial intelligence into their customer service workflows might be interested in a new video created by IBM. During which Manish Goyal, a Senior Partner at IBM Consulting, discusses the application of AI analytics and automation in customer service to improve customer experiences. He emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of customer expectations […]

  • Fabricating an artificial emergency isn’t intelligent

    President Biden’s recent executive order on artificial intelligence (AI) abuses a 1950 war powers law called the Defense Production Act (DPA) meant to avoid shortages during times of war and national emergency. Worse, the administration is likely relying on and stretching the authorities of a rarely used but very coercive provision of the law to enact an overreaching regulatory scheme

  • Alice Tips and Trips – Revolutionising Tourism with Artificial Intelligence

    In an ever-changing world of travel, Alice Tips and Trips has launched as an innovator in online travel, both nationally and in the global market. The unique combination of travel expertise and cutting-edge technology offers a new experience for travellers around the world. “We are excited to announce the launch of Alice Tips and Trips, […]

  • How a Surfshark iPhone VPN improves your internet browsing experience

    Staying safe on the internet no longer comes down to not believing everything you read; the best way to remain private and secure when using your internet-connected devices is to use a VPN from Surfshark.Surfshark Cyber Monday deal saves you 86%Surfshark provides cybersecurity tools for consumers worldwide, and an iPhone VPN delivers unparalleled protection against malicious activity and unlocks additional content that is unavailable with an unsecured internet connection. It's a tool all Apple...

  • New Artificial Intelligence Tool Can Detect Fraudulent Wine

    This artificial intelligence tool is particularly significant in combating the issue of counterfeit wines infiltrating the market.

  • Columbia Water customers may experience water service disruption

    City of Columbia Water customers served by the Columbia Canal Water Treatment plant may experience low-pressure or water service disruption starting on Tuesday, Dec. 5, according to the water company.

  • Improve your fiction writing using the Novel Crafter AI assistant

    Fiction writers looking for something a little more refined than the general AI writing tools that have flooded the market over the past 12 months. Might be interested in Novel Crafter. you may have already experienced the feeling of sitting at your desk, the cursor blinking on a blank page, and you’re feeling that familiar […]