Good news reports may emotionally buffer effects of negative news stories

by— People who saw news about human kindness after consuming news about a terrorist attack or other immoral acts felt fewer negative emotions and retained more belief in the goodness of humanity compared to people given just the bad news, according to a study published May 17, 2023, in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Kathryn Buchanan from the University of Essex, and colleague Gillian Sandstrom from the University of Sussex, U.K.

Bernews—Video: Sunday May 21st ‘Good News’ Spotlight. News that 102 students graduated from Bermuda College, the CedarBridge Academy National Honor Society donated to the Transformational Living Centre for Families, and Sahlay Govia, Kierra Lee, Sarzjae Minors, Kneiko Brimmer, Seth Somner, Dante Trott, and Detre Virgil completed training in London as part of Bacardi’s Shake Your Future’ programme were all some of the […]

NPR—How a Black-owned news website in Kansas City reported the story of Ralph Yarl. The Kansas City Defender, a Black-owned news website, is gaining credibility and attention, especially after its coverage of Ralph Yarl, the Black teenager shot after knocking on the wrong door.

Raw Story—The real story behind the Durham report is the people reporting on it. The real story behind the Durham report is more disturbing than what’s being reported this week, because the people reporting on the Durham report are avoiding putting themselves at the center of the story. They are the real story.The truth, meanwhile, is beside the point.The Durham report is named after Special Prosecutor John Durham. He was appointed in 2019 by then-US Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate the people who investigated Russia’s sabotage of the 2016 presidential election.READ...