Generative AI Fabrications Are Already Spreading Misinformation

by— As buzz around generative artificial intelligence (AI) grows, critics have called for more guardrails. Observers are particularly worried about the potentially harmful effects of the landmark technology’s ability to generate entirely false, or synthetic, media — be it images, text, video and more. On Monday (May 22), an image showing a plume of black smoke near the Pentagon […] The post Generative AI Fabrications Are Already Spreading Misinformation first appeared on

The Guardian—Fake AI-generated image of explosion near Pentagon spreads on social media. Picture shared on verified accounts fuels concerns over AI’s potential to generate misinformationAn AI-generated image that appeared to show an explosion next to a building in the Pentagon complex circulated on social media platforms on Monday, in the latest incident to highlight concerns over misinformation generated by AI.The image of a tall, dark gray plume of smoke quickly spread on Twitter, including through shares by verified accounts. It remains unclear where it originated. Continue...

Tech Times—AI Ethicist Proposes Ethical Framework for Generative AI in Healthcare. Australian AI ethicist Stefan Harrer has proposed an ethical framework for the use of Generative AI in healthcare.

VentureBeat—Yellow AI launches YellowG, a generative AI platform for automation workflows. YellowG utilizes enterprise data and industry-specific knowledge to seamlessly navigate complex scenarios.