• What Sam Altman said about AI at a CEO summit the day before OpenAI ousted him as CEO

    Altman spoke at the APEC CEO Summit on Thursday in his last public appearance as OpenAI CEO. He was fired on Friday.

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    OpenAI's former CEO Sam Altman, and other OpenAI members, join Microsoft to form an AI team

    In a surprising plot twist, after being fired from the position of OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman has joined Microsoft to lead a new AI research team. The change was announced by Satya Nadella on X.

  • Altman won't return as OpenAI's CEO after all

    Capping off a tumultuous weekend at OpenAI that culminated in investors — and a contingent of employees — attempting to convince the company’s board to hire back former Y Combinator president Sam Altman after firing him on Friday, Altman won’t be returning as CEO, according to a report in The Information. Citing an internal memo […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

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    Renting is great when you want to test-drive a location, or you want more predictable costs. It might be easier for family relationships in the long run, too.

  • Sam Altman Returns as CEO of OpenAI

    After a weird few days, OpenAI is bringing Altman back and ousting most of the board of directors.

  • Sam Altman to return as CEO of OpenAI

    New board announces ‘agreement in principle’ for return of former CEO after campaign by staff and investors Sam Altman is to return as chief executive of OpenAI after the ChatGPT developer said it had “reached an agreement in principle” for his reinstatement.The San Francisco-based company made the announcement after days of internal turmoil after Altman’s surprise sacking on Friday. Nearly all of OpenAI’s 750-strong workforce had threatened to resign unless the board overseeing the business...

  • Sam Altman to return as OpenAI CEO

    'I am looking forward to returning to OpenAI,' Sam Altman says in a post on X

  • Sam Altman to return as OpenAI CEO

    Sam Altman is returning to OpenAI as its chief executive, the high-profile AI startup said Wednesday, capping an intense five days of discussions, debates and convincing following the sudden dismissal of Altman last week from the startup he co-founded. OpenAI, which is the most valuable U.S. startup, said it has reached an “agreement in principle” […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

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    Who Is Emmett Shear, OpenAI's New CEO?

    OpenAI is on its third CEO in three days. Here's what to know about new interim CEO Emmett Shear.

  • Altman reportedly won't return as OpenAI CEO

    Sam Altman, the ousted chief executive and co-founder of OpenAI, will reportedly not return to resume the leadership of the company as negotiations between the two parties broke down, The Information

  • Sam Altman Could Return as OpenAI CEO

    Sam Altman could return as the CEO of OpenAI. The Board that fired Sam could all step down. The Board does not have the support of the investors or the employees. This just keeps getting wilder and wilder? OpenAI’s board is in talks with Sam Altman to bring him BACK as CEO?!?https://t.co/zNG4AuWiMs — Matt Wolfe

  • OpenAI president quits after CEO's departure

    OpenAI President Greg Brockman announced he is leaving the company after the board of directors forced out CEO Sam Altman. Brockman and Altman were among the co-founders of the tech company in 2015. A