• SEC Looking Into Withdrawals Made From Silicon Valley Bank

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly looking into withdrawals made from Silicon Valley Bank before it collapsed. One focus of the inquiry is whether executives at private equity firms cashed out their personal accounts at the bank before their clients, Bloomberg reported Tuesday (May 30), citing unnamed sources. The SEC did not immediately reply to PYMNTS’ […] The post SEC Looking Into Withdrawals Made From Silicon Valley Bank first appeared on PYMNTS.com.

  • Crunch time for Barcelona! Lionel Messi sets deadline for former club to make transfer decision as he prepares to make PSG exit

    Lionel Messi has told Barcelona that they have 10 days to make a decision over a transfer that would see the star return to Camp Nou, a report says.

  • UBS Makes Five Generative AI Predictions

    UBS Makes Five Generative AI Predictions Generative AI (i.e., AI that can create text, video, etc.) has the potential to drive innovation across a wide swath of sectors. In the next several years, generative AI will have huge impacts on the "pharmaceutical, manufacturing, media, architecture, interior design, engineering, automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, and energy industries," according to UBS analyst Michael Briest, who cited a report from Gartner. ...

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    How Apple Silicon could transform the Mac Pro: My predictions

    Let's explore what an Apple Silicon Mac Pro might be like, complete with a blade-based SOC bus.

  • Banking Crisis Saps FDIC Insurance Fund

    The recent banking crisis has strained the U.S. government’s deposit insurance fund. That's according to data released by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) Wednesday (May 31) as part of its quarterly banking profile. It showed that the government’s Deposit Insurance Fund had $116 billion in assets at the close of this year’s first quarter, […] The post Banking Crisis Saps FDIC Insurance Fund first appeared on PYMNTS.com.

  • BA stewardess collapses during flight from Heathrow to Romania

    The 'medical emergency' - which took place during the 170-passenger Airbus A320 flight from Heathrow to Bucharest - forced the captain to stop in Budapest to seek critical care for the woman.

  • Texas Wants to Know: When a Bank Collapses, What Happens to Our Money?

    The first five months of 2023 saw the failure of three major U.S. banks: Silicon Valley, Signature, and First Republic. With large banks like Frost, Comerica, Texas Capital, and others based in our state, what are the chances a Texas-based bank could meet a similar fate? “I don’t know that I would tie it specifically to the geography,” Texas Capital CFO Matt Scurlock said. “I think it’s more of just a balance sheet management case study. I think banks in Texas are just as fortunate as anyone...

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    Beyond FDIC insurance: How protected is your money outside of banks?

    By Jeanne Sahadi, CNN New York (CNN) — Just as stock market turmoil is a good reminder to make sure your investment portfolio is diversified, a few surprise bank failures is a good excuse to find out whether your financial accounts — not just your checking and savings accounts — are all protected in the

  • The AI Boom Inside Silicon Valley Start-Up Accelerators

    In Silicon Valley’s hacker houses, the latest crop of young entrepreneurs is partying, innovating — and hoping not to get crushed by the big guys.

  • Exposed: How Banks, Investors Make Millions From Police Brutality Bonds

    How much are you paying to pay off your city's police brutality bonds?

  • Is Fed and FDIC Data on Dropping Bank Deposits a Blip or Trend?

    For banks — and specifically for their consumers: No deposit, no return? The bedrocks of finance — the commercial banks — are seeing at least some turbulence as customers draw down on deposits. And to keep customers in place, and the funds in place, there might be some fine-tuning of business models in the mix. […] The post Is Fed and FDIC Data on Dropping Bank Deposits a Blip or Trend? first appeared on PYMNTS.com.

  • Mac Jones Makes Lofty Prediction For Patriots' Tyquan Thornton

    FOXBORO, Mass. — Despite a lackluster rookie season, Mac Jones sees greatness ahead for Tyquan Thornton. Thornton, who played more than 500 snaps in 2022 but caught just 22 passes, was one of the standout performers Wednesday at New England Patriots organized team activities. The second-year receiver was heavily involved throughout the non-padded practice and […]