CNN: CNN ANNOUNCES PHIL MATTINGLY AS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT AND MJ LEE AS SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT  —  CNN has announced new assignments for its White House team, effective immediately.  —  Phil Mattingly has been promoted to Chief White House Correspondent.

  • Web3: the future of finance?

    Finance has evolved to become extremely centralized, a trend that has benefitted banks and other financial services institutions. Decentralization may well be a guiding principle of future versions of the internet, and finance will be impacted by this too. Web3 is the next potential iteration of the internet. It will be based on decentralization, and …

    • OCCRP

    FAQ: What is Correspondent Banking?

    Banks often help each other carry out cross-border transactions using a system known as correspondent banking. The process is central to the global financial system, but it also opens up loopholes exploited by criminals, sanctions dodgers, and corrupt politicians.

  • Regional correspondent, India

    Eco-Business is looking for a passionate and motivated journalist to join our editorial team which produces daily content on the latest sustainable development news in the region. This regional correspondent, India role requires excellent English writing and speaking skills; any additional Asian

    • Quartz

    Why China should be off the hook for climate finance

    The most important outcome of COP27, the climate summit in Egypt earlier this month, was the creation of a new UN-administered fund to compensate developing countries for the costs they incur from climate change-related disasters.

  • The 19th International Finance Forum

    The 19th International Finance Forum Annual Meeting will take place between December 2 to 4 in Guangzhou with packed meetings and events centred on the theme of “the Ever-Changing World: Reshaping Our Shared Future”. The Meeting is co-organised by the International Finance Forum and the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality. World leaders to address the Meeting virtually include António Guterres, […]

  • New financing/lease options

    I put down my reservation on May 30 and was told Lucid didn't do financing or leasing, so the email yesterday announcing Lucid Financial Services "Available for both loans and leases" is super exciting! Mine is for an Air Pure (though I'm considering upgrading to the Air Turing) so I'm still

  • Citizen correspondence should remain on website

    It’s my understanding that it has already been decided that citizen correspondence to the mayor and assembly is now uniformly no longer included in the assembly packet for the public to read. I strongly disagree with this action. I can understand there may have been confusion with submitters in the past about what would be

  • What is ‘Thanksgiving’ and in which countries is it celebrated? – Finance

    Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, American citizens celebrate Thanks One thanksgiving day, One Most important celebrations From that

  • Innovative Ways to Manage Your Finances

    Managing money is an essential skill required for a successful life. While money is not an absolute necessity for happiness, it certainly makes life more comfortable. Studies have shown that most people in wealthy countries such as the USA have less than $500 in savings. There’s a good possibility people overall

  • A satellite view of the financing of artificial intelligence

    A study helps to better understand the evolution of investments in artificial intelligence over time. For ten years years, the artificial intelligence sector has experienced very impressive growth. A myriad […]

  • Financing biodiversity via ecotourism, partnership

    At the foot of Mount Makiling, a mystical mountain shared by the provinces of Laguna and Batangas, lies the Makiling Botanical Garden (MBG), a popular ecotourism destination some 65 kilometers from Metro Manila. The MBG is part of the Mount Makiling Forest Reserve (MMFR), an area set aside for conservation, which embodies a variety of