• Data-driven organizations begin with a data culture

    Data is valuable. Overcome barriers, identify data impacts, and establish end user value to create a data-centric culture.

  • 'Data stands unmodified': Kashmir University responds to data breach report

    Responding to the reports of a Data breach, the authorities at the Kashmir University have said that the personal data of students and teachers has not been modified. A University statement said that the alleged breach is being analyzed and as per the preliminary analysis it has been found that the data is unmodified, a […]

  • Economic data: Who you going to trust?

    You put a pot of water on the stove, turn on the heat and wait. How can you determine if and when the water reaches the temperature to turn from liquid to gas? You could put a temperature probe in the water and wait for it to send an alarm at 100°C to your Smartphone’s

  • Google Data-Driven Attribution

    Back in September 2021, Google announced that data-driven attribution was the default attribution model for all new Google Ads conversion actions starting in October. “To help all advertisers take advantage of better attribution and improve their performance, we’re removing the data requirements and adding support for additional types of conversions.” It sounds all fine and […] The post Google Data-Driven Attribution first appeared on JumpFly, Inc..

  • Zero Trust Data Security For Dummies

    Zero Trust Data Security For Dummies, Rubrik Special Edition, consists of four chapters that explore the following: Why you need to implement Zero Trust Data Security for your organization (Chapter 1) What comprises a Zero Trust architecture (Chapter 2) How to get started with Zero Trust Data Security (Chapter 3) Ten keys to effective incident response (Chapter 4) Each chapter is written to stand on its own, so if you see a topic that piques your interest feel free to jump ahead to that...

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    IU Bloomington ranked among Most Trusted Universities

    BLOOMINGTON - A new survey of the top 135 doctoral research universities ranks Indiana University Bloomington No. 22 among its public Most Trusted Universities. IU Bloomington is 59th overall in the nationwide survey conducted by Morning Consult, a company that provides survey research and

  • Turning data into sound to listen to whispers of the universe (and more)

    We often think of astronomy as a visual science with beautiful images of the universe. However, astronomers use a wide range of analysis tools beyond images to understand nature at a deeper level. Data sonification is the process of converting data into sound. It has powerful applications in research, education and outreach, and also enables […]

  • Liberals’ FBI trust is a real gut buster

    While just 30% of Republicans and 45% of independents feel positive about the FBI, 75% of Democrats and 81% of liberals are big fans.

  • ECISD approves data sharing with Brown University

    ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) - This week Ector County Independent School District Board of Trustees voted 7-0 to approve a data-sharing agreement with FEV-Tutoring and Brown University. The new agreement will expand research on how the district implements virtual, high-impact tutoring for students. According to a recent news release, Brown University will use the student data []

  • How to Make CX Less ‘Squishy’ and More Data-Driven

    The best CX is informed by data. It's one of the hard truths learned from years in sales and customer experience. Continue reading

  • Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Data Security

    In the face of these grim realities, IT teams are turning to Zero Trust methods to protect against ransomware and other cyber threats. Zero Trust is based on the assumption that all users, devices, and applications are untrustworthy. This ebook explores the use of Zero Trust methods to protect backup data and minimize the impact of ransomware attacks. It explains key techniques to: Reduce the risk of intrusion Secure your backup data Detect anomalous behavior Discover and manage sensitive...

  • Scientific data points to the violent end of the universe

    Ruth Lazcuz Conversation 5 hours ago attributed to him, NASA / JPL-Caltech / Harvard-Smithsonian CfA / ESA / STSc Let’s put a strong title, an old question, and a few