Dear WGA members: the ultimate strike movie is Salt Of The Earth

by The A.V. Club

The A.V. Club— Salt Of The Earth is a movie that sees around corners. Partly—but only partly— because of the current Hollywood writers’ strike, it also speaks loudly to our time. A strike movie about labor unrest in a mining town, Salt Of The Earth was generated by creatives who had approximately a thousand times more reason to be

ABC30 Fresno—Striking members of WGA say they won't picket Tony Awards in June. Sources say the Tony Awards are changing this year's show to conform with specific requests from the WGA, so writers will not be on strike at the show.

ARYNEWS—Down To Earth Romantic Movies. It is often noted that falling in love is an extremely alluring prospect but the journey involved in it could sometimes be very tricky. Romantic movies often sell us on an idealised version of love. Romance also brings about challenges that are faced by the people involved but is often overlooked by the romantic euphoria. […]

Vulture—How to Get Through the WGA Strike As an Aspiring Writer. It might feel hopeless now, but there is a place for you in this industry — one that’ll be more sustainable after a deal is reached.