China-Made Tesla EV Sales Now in Canada! Models Offered, Other Details

by Tech Times

Tech Times— China-made Tesla EV sales are now happening in Canada. Here are the included models, price adjustments, and other details.—Thursday Premarket Newsmakers: China EV Sales, Lucid Secondary Offering. China's EV makers reported May sales early Thursday morning, and U.S. EV maker Lucid sold more shares.

CleanTechnica—Tesla Model Y Rules Supreme In Europe! (Europe EV Sales Report). Tesla continues to be the best selling brand in Europe, but Volkswagen is recovering Some 197,000 plugin vehicles were registered in April in Europe — which is +25% year over year (YoY). Unfortunately, the overall market grew almost as fast, +16%, getting close to 1 million sales as it is finally recovering from a couple […]

ExtremeTech—Tesla Model Y Becomes First EV to Top Global Sales Charts. It's the first time an EV has globally outsold combustion-engine vehicles.