China is Making the Largest Ocean Uranium Extraction Testing Facility

by— China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has commissioned a seawater uranium extraction test platform, said to be the largest such test platform to be built in the South China Sea. The new marine test platform has the ability to carry out material verification and amplification experiments in real ocean conditions. It looks like China is committing

BBC News—India makes cough syrup testing mandatory for exports. The move comes after some Indian cough syrups were linked to deaths in The Gambia and Uzbekistan.

ExtremeTech—Sweetgreen Tests Salad-Making Robots at Chicago Pilot Restaurant. The pricey salad chain is joining other restaurants in embracing automation.

Washington Examiner—ESPN just spiked a documentary that would make China look bad. At the same time that Disney is beginning to warm its relationship with China once again, ESPN has coincidentally decided to spike a documentary about the Tiananmen Square massacre.