Cheap gas alert! Sheetz offering $1.99 a gallon on Unleaded 88 gasoline. What to know

by The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch— Sheetz, a gas station chain with dozens of Ohio locations, announced it is discounting Unleaded 88 gas to $1.99 a gallon this Thanksgiving week.

614NOW—Gas station chain offering Unleaded 88 fuel for $1.99/gallon. Sheetz is at it again. After dropping gas prices during the Fourth of July weekend this year, the Pennsylvania-based chain will offer its Unleaded 88 gas for $1.99/gallon throughout this week. The discounts start today. Reduced Unleaded 88 prices will be offered only at Sheetz locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia

WCCB Charlotte—Sheetz Dropping Its Unleaded 88 Gas Prices to $1.99/Gallon For Thanksgiving Week. Sheetz announced it will celebrate Thanksgiving week by reducing Unleaded 88 gas prices to $1.99 a gallon

WRIC—Sheetz lowers Unleaded 88 gas prices to $1.99 for Thanksgiving holiday. The promotion will last until 11:59 p.m. Monday, Nov. 27.