Billions of Android users urged to check for ‘malicious’ app stealing from you – delete it right now

by The Irish Sun

The Irish Sun— ANDROID owners have been warned about a malicious app that can steal their data. Cybersecurity experts from ESET have uncovered a malware-laden app lingering on the Google Play store. The app, dubb

The Irish Sun—Billions of Android users warned to check for 193 bank-emptying apps – delete them NOW if they’re on your phone. ANDROID owners have been warned over a long string of gaming apps that are disguising malware and could be silently exploiting devices. Following an investigation into the Google Play Store, a team

The Irish Sun—Millions of Android owners must delete 101 popular apps ‘silently stealing your money’ – check yours right now. EXPERTS have alerted Android users of 101 apps allegedly capable of spying on your phone. Researchers warn that the apps have been downloaded collectively more than 400million times, so you might w

The Irish Sun—Billions of Android and iPhone users issued warning over AI attacks lurking in your device – check apps now. SMARTPHONE owners have been warned about artificial intelligence-powered technology that can scam you out of your money. Such scams include artificial intelligence (AI) voice cloning, phishing ads,